The website is continuously developing to include new information links and soon we will be hosting video link advertising for all companies who wish to increase the awareness of their product or company name and logo. The website has seen an increase in ‘hits’ on all pages and is recognized as one of the most frequently visited websites in the North West semi-professional circuit. Current advertising is available and this can be in the form of advertising banners with links to your company website and can be included for quarter, half-year or full year rates, different size banners are available, to look at how it works click onto one of the existing banners.

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>>>Here’s info about the club’s sponsorship offers as of January 2017. The information may be inaccurate or out of date so check their official website for current offers.<<<


The Radcliffe Borough Football Club are looking for just 20 supporters to participate in the forthcoming season player sponsorship’s The club has provided an excellent package which hopefully will entice some loyal supporters to participate and help pay for next season`s 9 monthly magazines. All the proceeds will go directly to the printing company to help the club fund another area in this statutory requirement from the league.

We have worked out the costs for the full season and along with this initiative, we are hoping to get a main sponsor for the magazine and six half page adverts (£100.00 each). Along with the player sponsorship’s it will then mean we will have covered all the printing costs for the season, which will be fantastic. I think it is a good way of supporting the club and full value for money.

– Bernard Manning

So what is the package? Sponsors will be involved in sponsoring all the players in the squad not one individual as players can move on during a season – and will have their picture taken with all the players prior to the season starting. A full description is given below as to what the benefits are for the sponsor:

  • Picture of the sponsor or an advert / name – for the shy ones – in the magazine for the full season.
  • Picture of the sponsor or an advert / name for the shy ones – on the club website (Players section) for the full season.
  • Boardroom match hospitality for one nominated game (including food and drink).
  • Picture taken and presented to the sponsor with first team squad prior to season starting.
  • Free entry to all home pre-season home games.

As you can see an excellent package and the cost is just £80.00 + VAT.

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The club will be offering a new ‘Matchball Sponsorship’ package, which is aimed at supporters or groups of friends and one we hope will become popular as an alternative to just turning up 20 minutes before the game to watch the ‘Boro’. We hope it will provide an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone who attends which includes the following package:

  • The matchball sponsor party will be treated to the clubs hospitality lounge before the game, at half time and at the end of the game.
  • Complementary drink will be served on arrival and at half time.
  • Two complimentary match programmes.
  • Matchday programme inclusion on the day / night.
  • PA announcements before, half time and after the game.
  • Nomination of man of the match for the away team by the sponsors.

Package for 2: The cost of a matchball sponsorship package is £60.00 + VAT.


The club are offering their excellent ‘Matchday Sponsorship’ package, which is always well received and has proven to be very popular. The hospitality afforded to those who attend has ensured repeat business, it is a relaxing and enjoyable day / night for everyone who attends and includes the following package:

  • Exclusive use of the Boardroom and Sponsors lounge viewing the game for up to 10 people.
  • Crisps and nuts / tea and coffee on arrival of guests. (if requested)
  • A choice of two hot meals at half time (Chef specialty Potato Pie & Peas or Chilli/Curry and Rice) / tea and coffee.
  • 2 bottles of wine – Choice of Red or White.
  • Complementary drinks on arrival and then waitress service for the rest of the game.
  • 8 Complementary match programmes.
  • Website acknowledgement pre and post game.
  • PA announcements before / half time / after the game.
  • Nomination of man of the match for the home team by the sponsors.

The cost of a match sponsorship package is £300.00 + VAT for Saturday matches & £200.00 + VAT for midweek games.


The Boro Magazine replaced The Boro Review Matchday Programme at the start of the 2012/2013 season. Produced each month from August to April (8 issues per season) the magazine is packed with fantastic articles about The Boro and the world of football. Available every Matchday and throughout the week at the club for £1.50, it provides all Boro fans with knowledge of what goes on in the club that is unavailable elsewhere.


The GOLDLIN£ is the countries biggest daily draw giving away £500 each weekday plus many other £10 consolations. Now in it’s seventeenth year, it has paid out over £2.5 million in prize money to local people. For just £1 a week, you can join the GOLDLIN£ and have the chance to win £500 every weekday. You will also receive a membership card with your ten numbers for the daily draw plus 4 unique GOLDLIN£ £XTRA draw numbers. Each week, four numbers will be drawn from 48 numbers. If you are the owner of these 4 unique numbers, you will win £250. If there is no winner that week, the cash will be rolled over to the following week. If the GOLDLIN£ £XTRA prize fund reaches £5,000 the draw will be made until there is a winner. As well as the £500 daily prize draw there are numerous £10 consolation prizes that are paid out to the holders of the same numbers as the winning ones but with an alternative prefix letter (all prizes subject to members numbers). There are two ways of collecting your weekly payment. We can arrange for a door to door collector to call at your house on a weekly basis or you can set up a standing order form to be collected monthly, for further details on both these ways, please contact the club. GOLDLIN£ pays out over £3,000 a week to people like YOU. You could be the next £500 winner by joining today!

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The club will be offering local businesses or individuals an exciting opportunity to advertise all season on the ground via an pitch perimeter advertising board. For the season the club will be offering the opportunity to have an advertising board on display on the ground with a FREE website advert and also a FREE matchday magazine advert. At such a competitive cost it allows those businesses and individuals to show their support for their town team along with displaying their company name and creating that all important awareness. The ground hosts a minimum of 25 league and cup games and also hosts local cup finals and representative games as well as an annual junior tournament with over 120 junior teams attending along with over 3000 people over the two weekends. Also those who advertise will receive two complementary tickets for 3 games throughout the season. It is a full value for money package. The Sports Complex has an average 700-900 users on average per week and is used by all sections of the local community. It hosts both junior and adult tournaments and is open 7 days a week, The same offers above also relate to the Sports Complex. The following costs apply for the RBFC Football Ground and the Sports Complex:


10ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board (Behind Goals- Main Stand & Open Terrace) £300.00 + VAT
20ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board (Behind Goals – Main Stand & Open Terrace) £500.00 + VAT
20ft x 2ft Main Stand Roof – Only 2 available £550.00 + VAT
10ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board (Terrace side opposite club house) £300.00 + VAT
20ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board (Terrace side opposite club house) £500.00 + VAT
10ft x 2ft 6″ Avertising board (Club house side) £200.00 + VAT
20ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board (Club house side) £350.00 + VAT


10ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board £250.00 + VAT
20ft x 2ft 6″ Advertising board £450.00 + VAT

Football Ground & Sports Complex. If a board is taken on the Main Ground and the Sports Complex, a discount of 15% will be deducted from the rental price (Not including board production) PLUS FREE Website advert & matchday programme advert.